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Experience the world from above!

Are you interested in becoming a Pilot?

Start your adventure today!

✦  Diamond Flight Center of Richmond



1 Hour Event

The adventurer program is a 45 min flight 15 min ground event in the local area. The event is targeted at future pilots getting a first-hand experience of flying. 



3 Hour Event

This 3 Hour flight and ground lesson will get you a jump into the start of your aviation experience. You will be assigned an instructor who will walk you through the initial steps of how to plan and prepare for a flight, followed by your first personal flight lesson.

Take a Trial Flight!

All flight training is a personal and financially significant investment. If you didn't have the opportunity to fly before, booking a test flight is a great way to see if this is the right choice. A Certified Flight Instructor can explain what it means to be a pilot and enjoy life in the air during a test flight. Below are our programs to help future pilots get a glimpse of what the process looks like at RVA Flyers.

Select the options that best suit your desires and fill out the contact form. An RVA Flyers Instructor will contact you to help you with the rest!

Diamond Flight Center of Virginia

Diamond has made a statement in the aviation community by creating efficient and fast aircraft while never compromising safety. RVA Flyers, being located in the Heart of Richmond, Virginia, brings the highest level of customer service whether you are looking to get a license or purchase an aircraft. Our team of highly qualified Diamond Certified Flight Instructors will ensure that you receive the highest level of training and service every step of the way.

Why Choose RVA Flyers?

• Dedicated customer support ready to help 24/7

• Highly qualified staff of Diamond Certified Instructors

• Management and Sales department ready to help with any of your Diamond needs

• Only Diamond Flight Center located at the Heart of Richmond Virginia

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